Hermes “sewing time”with Mini replica Hermes Birkin bags Limited Leather in Shanghai

Hermes “sewing time”with Mini replica hermes Birkin bags Limited Leather in Shanghai

September 2010, family crafts replica Hermes bags  will bring their enthusiasm for leather, Shanghai, China, show an unprecedented period of leather arts legend. Hermes held in Shanghai, China as the “sewing time” – Hermes Leather Fair, with its most famous classic Birkin bag (Hermes Birkin) for the design of the prototype, specifically introduced 100 Limited Edition azalea Mini Birkin bag, bright colors and exquisite craft pavilions

This Hermes deduction from the saddle bags from the Birkin bag, casual neat sheet covered the three bags free and easy without loss of elegance. Soft bag with hard pack of two styles, three different sizes, a selection of leather and composition of the myriad colors, enough to make women carry bags on all dreams.

Perhaps because of this, half a century, Aimashibai gold package (Hermes Birkin Bags) has been a large number of aristocratic ladies who aspire to, silently communicate with Hermes which has a long history of 170 years of the brand on the elegant, sophisticated and romantic understanding.

Held in Shanghai to celebrate the “sewing time” – Hermes Leather Exhibition opening, Replica Hermes bags leather goods and saddlery Ms. creative director Couli Jobert Classic Birkin bag for a new interpretation first introduced the Mini Birkin bag. This is currently only in Shanghai, limited edition 100 of the treasures, for the Birkin bag has opened up a new world.

It is compact shape, size is only 14 cm, can take part in a reception party to carry. It adds a creative detachable strap, adhering to the original section of the elegant and generous, and fun. The materials used Hermes bags Epsom calf, accompanied by award-winning 2009 best rhododendron red color made of bright colors and exquisite craft pavilions, pass the Hermes pour into the leather effort and enthusiasm.