Top 3 Reason Why You Should Not Buy a Replica Coach Bags

You are helping to steal from the company – While it may sound a bit harsh, buying a knock off replica Coach Bags is kind of like stealing from the company. Coach spent millions of dollars and many hours of time designing and producing one of the finest lines of handbags in the world. An individual or company who just comes along and copies the final product did not have ANY of this expense themselves. They are trading with a product whose ONLY demand is that it resembles another TRUE product. The buying and selling of these goods takes away from the market of authentic Coach Product sales, and it can ONLY be done with the help of those who choose to buy fake Coach Bags.
You proliferate illegal activity – While buying a Replica Coach bags is not illegal, selling them is, so if you are buying one, you are helping to continue illegal activity. In addition, many groups that make these products actually do so in foreign countries where much of the profit from activities like this goes to fund terrorist activities.

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